Farewell, But Not For Long

So you're probably wondering how we got here... Let's start, shall we?

I started beauty blogging, namely nail polish oriented, back in 2012. I liked that, but at the recommendation of a friend, I decided to write about skin, hair and body care. Things were going well and I couldn't believe I was having the opportunity to work with some great brands. Soon after though, my personal life went into a whirlwind. I dealt with a lot of personal loss and it really effected my ability to stay connected. Once I caught up from one issue, another would begin. The next thing I knew, I became unfocused and it was difficult to recover my passion for this blog itself. And to tell you the truth, I felt awful about that. I thought about this for some time and felt the best way to recover and renew my love was to start fresh.

So as of today, I've begun a new journey. In comes, The Beauty Confessionals. For all the brands I've worked with while writing mrs. mosh, I appreciate everything you've done. I've left all of my sponsored content and press provided product reviews, but have taken down everything else. This domain will expire on May 7, 2017, so it will be best to update the link to http://xxjeanatte.blogspot.com/

For those who wish to follow me on my new venture, all of my info is below. I can't wait to begin this new journey with you and I'll see you with my first official post next week!

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