#TheRoundUp / February Faves & Fails

It's that time! I'm excited to share some new faves, but I also have some fails in this. So which is it? Take a gander at this photo and then let's check out my February '17 Faves & Fails!

Alright, so let's start with favorites! I have photos of the beauty related stuff, but I also wanted to add two more lifestyle favorites:

Starting with the hair care, I really need to say how much I love the OGX Pink Sugar Plum Shampoo^ & Conditioner.^ I not only love the fruity/floral scent, but I really love how soft and hydrated it makes my hair feel. My hair has had less frizz and doesn't feel as damaged. This range is a part of the 2016 Holiday collection, but it's still available online.

Moving on to skincare, I absolutely love the Tarte Frxxxion Stick. I got this sample in the January '17 Play! by Sephora box and I used it on my trip to AZ and after. It's all gone now, but I really love how this deeply cleaned my skin when it needed it the most. I finally did find out what messed up my skin and using this as a cleanser and mask really helped get out yuckiness from my clogged pores. I know a few skin care bloggers/vloggers feel this is too stripping, but as a person who needed a charcoal mask and cleanser to clean out my skin, this really was amazing. Also on the skincare faves, the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion helped with getting rid of spot. It really does live up to the hype. If you haven't had a chance to try it and need to get rid of whiteheads, get it!

And lastly on to the beauty faves, the Lush Lust solid perfume is sensual and beautiful. I loved this scent this month and used this pretty much every day I was in Las Vegas after I purchased it. I wasn't sure about getting a solid perfume at first, but this lasts pretty much an entire work day, which for me is about 12hrs from the moment I put it on to the time I arrive home from work.

As far as my lifestyle favorites, I wanted to share a podcast that I love. First, Someone Knows Something. I absolutely loved this podcast. I listened to Season 1 and 2 back-to-back and was enthralled. I mean, I was bummed with how the last episode of Season 2 ended, but not because I was disappointed, but because it leaves you hanging much like seeing To Be Continued... at the end of a TV show. If you get a chance and like true crime, take a listen. Secondly, I wanted to share a show that Phil and I have been watching, The Expanse. Grimy Thomas Jane and some other people in space! It's very interesting and while it did take me at least 4 episodes to really get interested, after heading towards and into Season 2, the show got real good. You should take a peek!

I thought about sharing a bag that I recently got, but I think I'll do a What's In My Bag post coming up soon.

And now on to the fails... One of these will be a surprise.

Starting in the same fashion as the faves, I have to say, I'm not a fan of the Shea Moisture Nourish & Silken Shampoo.^ I do like the conditioner, but the issue is primarily the shampoo. I feel like I could never wash this out. And to then go on to a super moisturizing conditioner? My hair felt gross and greasy before leaving the shower. I'm also not a fan of the rose scent, but I can live with it.

Moving on to skincare. Ugh! I used to love this, but this... This! This is the culprit to my clogged skin! Oh Julep Bare Face Cleansing Oil, you broke me out so bad. Every day I spent away from this oil, my skin was able to breath. So sad, but the remaining bits are going to go to Rijel. She'll get some good use out of what is left.

And on to body care. The Royal Apothic Cream Creme is not moisturizing at all. I took this with me to AZ, but I really couldn't stop using this all day. Not because it was good, but because I would dry out two seconds after using it. I got this from a much older Glossybox, but yeah...

What do you think about these products? Anything you love/hate?

Products marked with a ^ were provided to me for an honest review. Opinions are my own. Affiliate links are marked with a *.
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