July Empties

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Another jam packed empties post! This was what July left me with! I can't wait to finally be rid of all of these empty bottles and packages. But first, let's see what we got here!

Kirkland Signature Daily Facial Towelettes // Purchased By Me // I mentioned in my first empties post about using these wipes. I really enjoy these and for the price, you really can't beat it. These wipes not only remove makeup pretty well, but they're super gentle on your face. I've been using these as I've ran out of cleansing oil, as you can see in the main and one of the photos below. I first remove makeup with this and then use my current cleanser to finish the job. I've linked an ingredients list from CosDNA as well. If you don't know, Kirkland Signature is the Costco brand.

e.l.f. Shine Eraser // Purchased By Me // My default blotting papers. I stock up when I head to Target. I normally buy about 6 at a time and keep one at my desk at work, one in my purse and one in a makeup bag that I use when traveling. I really don't see a need to spend more than $1 for these.

Julep Ta Da! Quick Dry Drops // Purchased By Me // I got this in a Julep Maven box a while ago and I have been loving it. Really sad to see it go, but I have some quick dry drops from another brand that I think work just as good, if not better. $14 seems a bit high for a product that I don't think is any better than other, much cheaper, quick dry drops I've used. So if I received this again, I'd use it, otherwise I'll take my cheap ones.

Not Your Mother's Kinky Moves Curl Defining Hair Cream // Purchased By Me // A while back, when I had long hair (I miss it!), I was on the search for a good curl cream. My hair gets more wavy the longer it gets and I felt this would give me what I wanted. I didn't hate this product, but I also didn't love it. It made my hair feel really tacky and sticky, but my curls looked nice and had decent volume. I also didn't care for the scent that much. I don't think I'll repurchase this. I added the ingredients to CosDNA.

Etude House Sunprise Must Daily SPF 50 Lotion, Real Chemistry Luminous 3-Minute Peel, Alterna Bamboo Kendi Dry Oil, and First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay will all be reviewed in upcoming Sample Sunday posts.

Pureology Fresh Approach Dry Shampoo // Gifted // This is one of those products where drugstore brands have made a much better product. I received this in a set with a dry conditioner as a birthday gift from my mom. I was on a long search for a good dry shampoo. If you see this, turn the other way. This product was pretty worthless. It did nothing in making my hair feel refreshed, nor did it do anything about the oil in my hair. I would feel pretty gross later on in the day if I used this. Like I was on three day hair with no product in. And since I really hate to waste products, I finished it off. I still have the dry conditioner, because well, I really don't know what to do with that one. I barely use it. Ugh.. I had such high hopes for this too! I love their shampoos and conditioners.

Vaseline Spray & Go Cocoa Radiant Moisturizer // Press Sample from Influenster // I was initially pretty interested in the idea of spray on lotions. I ended up using the product. While I love the product itself, the spray-on factor worries me. Especially knowing the FDA is saying it may not be that great for you. I realize the article pertains to sunscreens, but focus could turn to other products in spray form. I have added the ingredients to CosDNA.

Studio 35 Beauty 100% Acetone Nail Polish Remover // Purchased By Me // My tried and true nail polish remover. Large size for low cost. Not much else to say!

Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner, NUDE Perfect Cleansing Oil, NUDE ProGenius Treatment Oil and MOX Botanicals Lip Butter will all be reviewed in upcoming Sample Sunday posts.

Earth Therapeutics Loofah Exfoliating Scrub in Peaches & Passion // Purchased By Me // I tend to find a lot of random products while I'm shopping at Marshalls and this is one of them. I settled for this when I couldn't find my usual body scrub. I don't really care for this product as it has more of a jelly consistency. It smelled nice, felt nice, but didn't much exfoliating. I have added the ingredients to CosDNA.

Holika Holika Tea Cafe Apple Mint Tea Mask will be reviewed in a separate post. I have made up my mind, but I have one more to try before I give my final thoughts. Murad Acne Clearing Solution will be reviewed in an upcoming Sample Sunday post.

Burt's Bees Herbal Blemish Stick // Purchased By Me // My go-to spot treatment. It can be a bit rough, but it works really well for me. I also love the smell of it. It smells like fennel and I just love that smell. I really only use this for blemishes that look like they'll be a problem. Ingredients are on CosDNA.

Davines OI All In One Milk and Skin Food Black Sugar Wash Off will be reviewed in upcoming Sample Sunday posts. Avon's Outspoken by Fergie has been previously reviewed in a Sample Sunday post.

gla Nature Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera Skin Soothing Liquid Body Cleanser // Purchased By Me // Another Marshalls purchase. I really wish I could find this: 1) for the same price that I found it at Marshalls and 2) at a place as convenient as Marshalls. I really enjoyed this body wash as it left my skin feeling super soft and incredibly moisturized. I felt I didn't need much lotion after using it. Pretty sad its all gone and that they don't carry anymore. I put the ingredients list on CosDNA.

H2O+ Spa Pumice Foot Scrub // Purchased By Me // And lastly, yet again, another Marshalls purchase. I have only recently been enjoying foot scrubs and this one was pretty decent. This is my second bottle and I think it definitely does the job. I love the cooling effect it has too!

In the end, another successful month of empties. For the most part, a lot of these are things I will glad repurchase, or already have! Have you tried any of these products? Any suggestions on alternative products similar to these? Share your thoughts in the comments!
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