Illamasqua / Speckle

Illamasqua Speckle

Hello all! Hope you have all been great! Not much has gone on right now, but I really can't wait for the weekend! Why? Because I had the first two days off and seeing as I've only worked one day this week (starting on day 2 of 3), I'm ready to just go (stay) home again. D:

Today's swatch is one of my favorite polishes. This Illamasqua Speckle. I used two coats for my swatch. This polish covers well, but you need to do a generous first coat. Otherwise, you may get bare spots. I love polishes that have this robins egg effect (see here and here). I love this line, too. I only own Speckle, but I would love to get Freckle and Mottle.

What do you think of these speckled effect polishes? What are your favorites?

Month In Review / March

Is is already April? Wow! Time is flying fast!.. Which means NCR is almost here! I am so not ready. :(

So March was a light month for me in terms of buying polish. I skipped the Julep box because I didn't like any of the colors; they all seemed so bland. And I really didn't look for polish to buy. I think because I had a lot more than polish to worry about with Phil gone for three weeks. But, let's get on with what I did get!

So the first polish I actually bought for the month was a Dollar Store find. This is Sally Hansen Magnetic Electric Emerald. I was actually hoping to use it this month, but went with a different green altogether. I'm not fond of the magnets being on the bottles, but I'll have to report back at some point with how it is.

Next are my Marshalls finds. On the left is Orly Pink Crystal and on the right is Seche Naive. I believe I only have one other Seche polish and so far I haven't used it. I normally don't find Seche polish, but since it was cheap, I had to grab it.

Above are my drugstore finds for the month. On the left is Maybelline Color Show Street Art Green Graffiti. I saw when these came out in the UK and was really hoping they'd make it to the US sooner. On the right is Milani Sugar Coated. Supposedly this is a texture finish, but the base looks clear. I think I'll test before I try to layer it on something. Again, bought these greens thinking I'd used them during the month, but n o p e.

Lastly, I received a gift from my mom. I think I've said in much older posts, but she is a hairstylist. So whenever she hops in a supply, she will try to find something. These are what she found... China Glaze Crinkled Chromes in I'm A Chromatic, Iron Out The Details and Wrinkling The Sheets. I've heard horror stories of these polishes, but have actually read reviews of people liking these. I normally like to come to my own conclusion, so hopefully I can swatch one soon.

The theme for April will be pastels, to coincide with Easter eggs and all the candy goodness that goes along with it. I will also be posting a giveaway in a few days so stay tuned! If you'd like to request a swatch of something, please let me know. I will try to post as much as I can for April. With NCR coming up, I may spend more time practicing. I will be taking pictures at NCR (and sharing like I did for Wizard World), but I might even vlog!

BYS / Roller Coaster

BYS Roller Coaster

So I'm a slacker. Actually, just when it comes to the blog... and editing videos. BUT, I was a very busy girl in the garden this weekend. Planted quite a few flowers, tended to some seeds that I had planted last week and pulled out a ton of weeds! After all of that, I was simply too tired to work on a blog post. So this month, the March Monthly Review will be posted tomorrow. Now on to the polish!

Above is two coats of BYS Roller Coaster. I got this from a friend as a birthday gift. My friend had a friend who went to Australia. While she was there, she bought some polish and it was then given to me! I got a couple of BYS and Chi Chi brand polishes, so it is pretty awesome to add those to my collection! This polish applied smoothly and I really love the color. I have a few that are similar in shade, but always have something else about them, i.e. shimmer, satin finish, etc. But this... Oh, I love this!

As far as I know, BYS is not found in the US, but can be easily found in more of the Eastern hemisphere.

NOTD w/ American Apparel & OPI

I haven't done a NOTD for the month, so I figured it about time! I felt like this was more fern like than herringbone, but that's ok!

I started with three coats of American Apparel Office. This polish is sheer, so you can either do one thick coat with a thinner second coat or three thin coats. I decided the on the later because I didn't want to wait forever for the thick coat to set. I then used a thin (not thin enough) brush and painted on OPI Jade Is The New Black. I got this in January and have been dying to use it. The one thing I noticed is that it is a little runny for art, so it may be better as a base color. Beautiful nonetheless!

Now if you don't mind me, I'm off to take Phil to the oral surgeon to have them remove his wisdom teeth. It will be a long day. :(

Wet 'N Wild Magnetic / No-Gas, Electronically Charged

Wet 'N Wild Magnetic No-Gas, Electronically Charged

Long time, no polish! Today's post is a magnetic polish. I feel like I have a love/hate relationship with these. They either work really well or not at all. I think it all depends on the magnet.

Above is two coats of No-Gas, Electronically Charged. This is from the Magnetic line that came out in Summer of 2012 (I think). I honestly love the polish on its own before the magnet is used and that was why I picked it up. However, the magnet on this one bottle is less than to be desired. I really should have used my stand-alone Julep magnet, but oh well. It was late and I was tired. I chose to do vertical lines, but as you can see, it was harder to photograph because of the flash. I really like the formula itself and it dried quickly.

Note to self for next magnetic polish swatch, use China Glaze or Julep magnets... Or maybe even the Sinful Colors ring? Too many options! I just know I dislike the magnet being on the top of the brush.